Polish,  Living in Great Britain

Marta Wysocka

Polish, Living in Great Britain

Marta Wysocka

Nationality - Polish

Living in - Great Britain

Favourite Board

Monkette 131

Favourite Style


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I am a 24-years-old water sports enthusiast. My adventure began with windsurfing and waterskiing then I switched to kitesurfing and totally loved it. I am travelling around the world exploring new places and spots for kiteboarding. Lately I started to organize kite trips to spread my passion and show other kitesurfers my favourite places. My hometown is Warsaw where I learn some new tricks on various wake parks. I also enjoy playing soccer with my female team and dancing hip-hop.

My plan for the next year is to learn some new tricks with boots and improve my wakestyle riding. The main goal for 2016 is the same I had in previous years - to visit a place where I have never been before, find good kiteboarding conditions and have fun :)

Marta Wysocka